These are some of the photos taken while my aunt Catherine was visiting Switzerland in September 2006.

We attended a band competition in Einsiedeln, where I was performing, and we went to Davos, from where we had a couple of outings - on foot and by car.

Click on any thumbnail to see the full-sized photo. If you'd like copies of any of them and you're unable to print them out from here, then contact me for high-res copies, or I can print them out and send them.

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Chris in Highland dress

Chris with the pipe band

Preparing to dance

Marching with the band

Lunch at Saas

Walking in the hills

Trying to blend with the background

Resting by the Waterfall

The waterfall

The village of Lü

The church at Lü

The restaurant where we had lunch

Cath at lunch

Chris at lunch

Restaurant terrace

A bee at lunch


Window boxes


Looking up the valley

Sunlit trees

Lago di Résia

Lago di Résia